MOMAP Project

Mobile Media Practices in the Asylum Application Process (MOMAP) is a seed-funding project between researchers from Berlin University of the Arts (UdK Berlin) and the University of Oxford. It is using expertise gained as part of the MOWO project and applying them to questions of forced migration and displacement.

Call for Participation

If you want to participate in the MOMAP research workshop, please register here.

You can find additional information about the workshop in this flyer:

Flyer English
Flyer Deutsch

You can also get more information or sign up by contacting us directly at:

Short Description:

David Lowis, Johanna Kirschbauer, Vera Klocke, and Maren Hartmann (UdK Berlin) and Rachael Kiddey and Derya Özkul (Oxford) will be looking at mobile media practices in the asylum application process. With the increased prevalence and importance of digital access and the internet in everyday life, including in many if not most interactions with authorities, displaced people are facing particular difficulties when it comes to claiming asylum. Often, the only internet enabled device they can access is a mobile phone, with application processes often not tailored to mobile devices.  This project will aim to better understand the mobile and digital practices of displaced people, particularly relating to the asylum application process. The initial research will be undertaken displaced people in Berlin in a participative workshop in April 2022. 

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